Valley Outdoors LLC is a newly-founded company that has spent the last two years developing and creating a high quality ice hole marker for ice fishers.

At Valley Outdoors, we’ve been fishing all our lives and understand how expensive fishing can be. We decide to do something about it! Working closely with distributors and factory’s, we decided to minimize the amount of product we carry on hand. When you place a order through our website it will come directly from the distributor or factory.

Our first product was the Ice Hole Marker which we are made from extremely durable HDPE material and highly reflective adhesive tape, which are both designed to withstand the subzero temperatures and harsh winters of the Midwest. Our goal is to have every angler marking their tip-up on the ice to provide optimum visibility for ice fishers, as well as any motorists on the ice. This protects not only the angler’s tip-up, but the motorist’s vehicle as well.

Our mission is to bring you your favorite products at a lower cost without jeopardizing quality or customer service. Thank you everybody for your continued support!