Eurotackle Z-Viber


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The Z-Viber is an amazing micro lipless crankbait.
You can use it vertical jigging or even cast and retrieve it. When retrieved the Z-Viber will produce a wide and unique wobbling action.

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1" Shad 1/16oz, 1" Ayu 1/16oz, 1" Chartreuse 1/16oz, 1" Pink 1/16oz, 1" Fire Tiger 1/16oz, 1" Gold Fish 1/16oz, 1" Black Hi-Viz (Glow) 1/16oz, 1" Baby Bluegill 1/16oz, 1" Blue Chrome (UV) 1/16oz, 1" Albiglow (Glow) 1/16oz, 1" Rainbow Trout 1/16oz, 1" Purple Joker (UV) 1/16oz, 1" Yellow Perch 1/16oz, 1.6” Albiglow (Glow) 1/8oz, 1.6” Baby Bluegill 1/8oz, 1.6” Fire Tiger 1/8oz, 1.6” Pink 1/8oz, 1.6” Red Craw 1/8oz, 1.6” Chartreuse 1/8oz, 1.6” Blue Chrome (UV) 1/8oz, 1.6” Shad 1/8oz, 1.6” Black Hi Viz (Glow) 1/8oz, 1.6” Rainbow Trout 1/8oz, 1.6” Purple Joker (UV) 1/8oz, 1.6” Yellow Perch 1/8oz, 2.4” Fire Tiger 3/8oz, 2.4” Albiglow (Glow) 3/8oz, 2.4” Baby Bluegill 3/8oz, 2.4” Blue Chrome 3/8oz, 2.4” Red Craw 3/8oz, 2.4” Shad 3/8oz, 2.4” Yellow Perch 3/8oz, 2.4” Purple Joker (UV) 3/8oz, 2.75" Shad 5/8oz, 2.75" Fire Tiger 5/8oz, 2.75" Blue Chrome (UV) 5/8oz, 2.75" Shad 5/8oz, 2.75" Albiglow (Glow) 5/8oz, 2.75" Baby Bluegill 5/8oz, 2.75" Purple Joker (UV) 5/8oz


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