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The IceArmor™ by Clam Ascent™ Float Bib is more than just a cold weather ice fishing bib. The Ascent™ provides anglers with winter outerwear that is the pinnacle of cold-weather outerwear technology. Utilizing cutting edge engineering with segmented floatation assist material, the Ascent™ Float Bib combines the safety of buoyancy-assist with maximum mobility and flexibility anglers need. Specially designed to provide floatation assist and breathability through the floatation material, Ascent Bibs are loaded with features like a water-proof cell phone pocket, reinforced padded knees, and two-way leg zippers for easy on-off. Combined with the Ascent Parka, Clam offers the most breathable, comfortable, buoyant suit on ice. Get the security of a float suit with the mobility and breathability that IceArmor by Clam has become known for.


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