Clam Rattlin Blade Spoon


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Don’t just hope a fish notices your presentation. Make’em notice with the loudest lure you can drop through the hole. The same slicing, fluttering action of the original Blade Spoon has now been given the upgrade of seriously loud rattles. The stainless steel bearings click and clack inside their pyrex-glass housing. Calling in fish from distances you didn’t think were possible.

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1/16oz Gold Tiger, 1/16oz Glow Fire Tiger, 1/16oz Glow Chartreuse Tiger, 1/16oz Glow Rainbow, 1/16oz Glow Red Tiger, 1/8oz Silver Tiger, 1/8oz Gold Tiger, 1/8oz Glow Fire Tiger, 1/8oz Glow Chartreuse Tiger, 1/8oz Glow Rainbow, 1/8oz Glow Red Tiger