Clam Bomb


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It’s the Bomb! It’s all about speed fishing and pounding out the cadence. Epoxy-adorned treble hook shimmies and the whole package is compact, so fish get it in on the first try. Cover water, fish efficiently, fish fast, with this original Genz design. Shows up well on flashers, even in low power mode, so you can see it in the weeds. This is going to be a classic. Custom Firetiger Bar Pattern. Plummets Through The Water Column Like A Bomb To Reach The Depths.

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1/16oz Gold Tiger, 1/16oz Glow Fire Tiger, 1/16oz Glow Chartreuse Tiger, 1/16oz Glow Rainbow, 1/16oz Glow Red Tiger, 1/8oz Gold Tiger, 1/8oz Glow Fire Tiger, 1/8oz Glow Chartreuse, 1/8oz Glow Rainbow, 1/8oz Glow Red Tiger