Clam Dave Genz Drop-Kick Jig


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Clam Dave Genz Drop-Kick Jigs were designed and approved by Mr. Dave Genz himself. Featuring a 90-degree XL hook with a larger tie-eye, tungsten body, stronger wire and increased hook gap, these jigs simply cannot compare to any other. The tops were designed with a large flat surface, making it easy to see on your sonar unit.

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Black/Chartreuse 3/64oz and #10, Fire Tiger Glow Bar 3/64oz and #10, White/Green Glow Bar 3/64oz and #10, Red Glow 3/64oz and #10, Chartreuse/ Blue Glow Bar 3/64oz and #10, White/Pink Glow3/64oz and #10, Black/Chartreuse 3/16oz and #8, Fire Tiger Glow Bar 3/16oz and #8, White/Green Glow Bar 3/16oz and #8, Red Glow 3/16oz and #8, Fire Tiger Glow Bar 3/16oz and #8, White/Pink Glow 3/16oz and #8