Clam Guppy Flutter Spoon Size 12, 1/50oz


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NEW to the Clam Pro Tackle line-up is the Guppy Flut-ter Spoon. It’s as light as a feather and falls like a leaf at 1/50-ounce. The guppy-shaped design is designed to catch thet biggest panfish in the school with unique metallic-plated colors fish have yet to see!

Made with aluminum alloy material, the Guppy Flut-ter Spoon falls randomly and flutters effortlessly , yet can be jigged aggressively to imitate an injured minnow.

Add attractor eyes on both sides, and a deadly sin-gle-hook that swings freely, this spoon will catch bigger and better panfish!

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Gold, Silver, Pink, Blue, Black, Orange