Clam Mino Head


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The Clam Mino Head replicates the time-honored practice of pinching the head off of a minnow and letting entrails hang off for extra attraction. However, this super-soft, hand-poured bait looks more like a real minnow head than a real minnow head does. It stays on the hook, the entrails pulse in the water, and you get a perfect pinch every time, because they’re all the same. No more reaching in the cold water nipping off a minnow head. Species: crappie, bluegill, perch, trout, sauger, walleye. Size: 1.5″.
  • Replicates pinching the head off a minnow
  • Super-soft, hand-poured bait is realistic
  • Stays on the hook and entrails pulse in the water
  • No more pinching or reaching into cold water

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White Red Flake 1 1/2", Red 1 1/2", Pink Glow 1 1/2", Watermelon Red Flake 1 1/2", Fathead 1 1/2", Shiner 1 1/2"