Cyclone Lures


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Cyclone Lures
A twist on fishing.
Tank tested, fish approved.

In 2015 while working in a sheet metal shop I was walking by a punch press and the flash of scrap metal slug from the machine caught my eye. I went over to the scrap bin and grabbed a handful of scrap slugs and an idea popped into my head. You see, I’m addicted to ice fishing (as diagnosed by my wife) and I’m always looking for the next great lure. I thought, ‘why not make a lure, that has the action and flash you’re looking for?’ I spent the next several weeks using my breaks and lunchtime filing, drilling and forming scrap metal from the punch press. Half a dozen iterations later I had what I thought was the making of a new fishing lure. By the time I had a serviceable lure, the ice wasn’t thick enough, so I didn’t have a good place to test my invention…..enter the toilet tank. I tied my prototype to a snap swivel and length of fishing line, removed the toilet tank lid and gave it run. At that time I was most concerned about the twisting action and sure enough on a slow drop and pick up, the lure twisted like a cyclone. I really thought I had something and with the help of my coworkers we laser cut some samples and formed them up. It was then that I discovered paint and metal fishing lures is more complicated than a can of spraypaint, but with some help from the home oven I made the paint stick well enough to give the lures a try in the real world at our annual Lake of the Woods trip. It was there that I discovered an unintended, but fantastic byproduct of my design. When dropped in freefall the lure actually twists sideways and runs away from the hole! In 30 feet of water the lure will dissappear from a depth finder screen and not reappear for 10 seconds (it runs so far it leaves the transducer cone angle for 10 whole seconds in 30 feet of water!). My buddies were all very excited about how the lure reacted on the drop, but they were even more excited with the results. We had 11 guys in our group and we put 11 limits of Walleye on the ice. I spent the off season developing a better blank, forming and coating methods per requests from my “pro staff” and you can see the results here. We will continue to develop new colors and patterns along with innovating new designs. Like I said, “I’m addicted to ice fishing….” so check back often because we plan on bringing more and better products to the game.

– Jeremy Kincade

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