Doodle Bug Spoon


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• Designed with a flat bellied “bug” body that flashes & flutters to mimic a lip-smack’n water bug
• Hot Super-Glo “neon” attractor colors glow a long time & lure fish like a magnet

Lethal for crappies, perch, walleyes and trout, the Doodle Bug Spoon features a flat belly and wide-angle “bug” body to imitate a struggling water bug. Fish it in a lift-flutter-pause manner, or subtly jiggle the spoon to rock the trebles back and forth. Tip with a small minnow head, waxworms or IMPULSE®Perch Eye.

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Super Glow Chartreuse 1/16oz, Super Glow Luminous 1/16oz, Super Glow Pink 1/16oz, Super Glow Orange 1/16oz, Super Glow Red 1/16oz, Super Glow Chartreuse 1/8oz, Super Glow Luminous 1/8oz, Super Glow Pink 1/8oz, Super Glow Orange 1/8oz, Super Glow Red 1/8oz