Clam Drop XL Jig


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Clam Drop Jigs XL have all the same great features as the original Drop Jigs, but now with bigger hooks. This allows you to bulk them up with waxies, maggots, etc. There isn’t going to be a fish in the water that will be able to resist the temptation of these big meals.

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Gold 1/32oz and size #10, Chartreuse/Blue Glow Bar 1/32oz and size #10, Glow White 1/32oz and size #10, Glow White 1/32oz and size #10, Glow Red 1/32oz and size #10, White Pink Glow 1/32oz and size #10, Glow Purple Tiger 1/32oz-4mm, Glow Fire Tiger 1/32oz-4mm, Black/Glow Dot 1/32oz-4mm, Pink/Glow Dot 1/32oz-4mm, White Glow Wonder Bread 1/32oz-4mm, Chartreuse Glow Wonder Bread 1/32oz-4mm