Flutterfish Spoon


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PK Lures Flutter Fish Spoon -The Flutter Fish is not your ordinary jigging spoon. This spoon has a unique action all it’s own. Fish see the jigging spoon rising and falling like an injured or dying baitfish. This in turn, causes the fish to eat it. It took Pat O’grady years to perfect the fluttering motion of the bait. This fluttering action increases the strike ratio because of increased flash, vibration and realistic movement.

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Copper Plate 1/8oz, Firetiger Glow 1/8oz, Gold 1/8oz, Pearl Chartreuse 1/8oz, Pink Pearl Glow 1/8oz, Red Dot Glow 1/8oz, Blue Pearl Glow 1/8oz, Green Pearl Glow 1/8oz, Copper Plate 1/4oz, Firetiger Glow 1/4oz, Gold 1/4oz, Pearl Chartreuse 1/4oz, Pink Pearl Glow 1/4oz, Red Dot Glow 1/4oz, Blue Pearl Glow 1/4oz, Green Pearl Glow 1/4oz