Forage Minnow Jig’n Spoon


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• The most proven miniature sized jigging spoon
• Unique minnow design flashes & flutters to mimic gamefish’s most desired forage . . . a crippled minnow.

The Holographic Forage Minnow® Spoon’s erratic, crippled-minnow action catches everything from walleyes to perch, bass, trout and panfish. Jig it aggressively for maximum flash and flutter, or slow things down and twitch the treble when gamefish move in to investigate. Tip with a minnow head, waxworms or IMPULSE®Minnow Head and Perch Eye.

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Silver Shiner 1/32oz, Glow Perch 1/32oz, Gold Perch 1/32oz, Super Glo Chub 1/32oz, Super Glo Rainbow 1/32oz, Super Glow Redfish 1/32oz, Silver Shiner 1/16oz, Glow Perch 1/16oz, Perch 1/16oz, Super Glo Chub 1/16oz, Glo Rainbow 1/16oz, Super Glow Redfish 1/16oz, Silver Shiner 1/8oz, Glow Perch 1/8oz, Perch 1/8oz, Super Glo Chub 1/8oz, Glo Rainbow 1/8oz, Super Glow Redfish 1/8oz, Silver Shiner 1/4oz, Glow Perch 1/4oz, Perch 1/4oz, Super Glo Chub 1/4oz, Glo Rainbow 1/4oz, Super Glow Redfish 1/4oz