Glo Shot Spoon


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Glo-ShotTM Spoons are available in 1/16-, 1/8- and 1/4-ounce weights, with red treble hooks in #12, #10 and #8 sizes, respectively. Hooks are attached via dual split rings for added action and fewer lost fish.

Glo-ShotTM Sticks are non-toxic, easy to activate and glow in vivid color for eight hours. They are light enough not to affect lure action and are also great for lighting up a variety of bobbers, hooks and jigs.

Glo-ShotTM Stick Attracts Fish From Afar Glows In Color For 8+ Hours

S-Curve Design Enhances Action Non-Toxic, 1.5 Inches Long

Lightweight Z-Alloy For Maximum Flutter Red, Green And Chartreuse Colors

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Metallic Chartreuse 1/16oz, Metallic Gold 1/16oz, Wonderbread 1/16oz, Glow Perch 1/16oz, Pink Tiger 1/16oz, UV Purple Tiger 1/16oz, UV Electric Perch 1/16oz, Melon Ball 1/16oz, Lady bug 1/16oz, Metallic Chartreuse 1/8oz, Metallic Gold 1/8oz, Metallic Chartreuse 1/8oz, UV Glow Perch 1/8oz, UV Pink Tiger 1/8oz, UV Purple Tiger 1/8oz, UV Electric Perch 1/8oz, Metallic Chartreuse 1/8oz, Lady Bug 1/8oz, Metallic Chartreuse 1/8oz, Metallic Gold 1/8oz, Wonderbread 1/8oz, UV Glow Perch 1/4oz, UV Pink Tiger 1/4oz, UV Purple Tiger 1/4oz, UV Electric Perch 1/4oz, Melon Ball 1/4oz, Ladybug 1/4oz