Jason Mitchell Rattlin Blade Spoon


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Clam Jason Mitchell Rattlin’ Blade Spoons have a pyrex glass rattle that’s loud and noisy to attract fish from large distances. Unlike traditional rattle spoons, these can be described as a flutter spoon that jigs and flutters on the way down, making it perfect for ice fishing.

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1/16’’ Gold, 1/16’’ Gold/Glow Red Tiger, 1/16’’ Gold/Glow Chartreuse Tiger, 1/16’’ Copper/Glow Fire Tiger, 1/16’’ Silver/Glow Rainbow Tiger, 1/16’’ Silver/ Glow Purple Tiger, 1/8’’ Gold, 1/8’’ Gold/Glow Red Tiger, 1/8’’ Gold/Glow Chartreuse Tiger, 1/8’’ Copper/Glow Fire Tiger, 1/8’’ Silver/Glow Rainbow Tiger, 1/8’’ Silver/ Glow Purple Tiger