JB lures Gem-N-Eyes Packaged “2/Pack”


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The ORIGINAL FLUTTER JIG. Hand soldered, with a hammered back and prism eye, over an airbrushed front and the addition of a split ring makes the GEM-N-EYE one of the most effective and versatile lures on the market today. If you’re looking for Walleye or Panfish this one is a must. GO KICK SOME FIN  !!!!!!!!

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Gold 1/8oz “2/Pack”, Chartreuse Glow 1/8oz “2/Pack”, Neon Red 1/8oz “2/Pack”, Parrot 1/8oz “2/Pack”, Red Glow 1/8oz “2/Pack”, Green Glow 1/8oz “2/Pack”, Blue Glow 1/8oz “2/Pack”, Neon Frog 1/8oz “2/Pack”, Clown Glow 1/8oz “2/Pack”, Gold 1/16oz “2/Pack”, Chartreuse Glow 1/16oz “2/Pack”, Neon Red 1/16oz “2/Pack”, Parrot 1/16oz “2/Pack”, Red Glow 1/16oz “2/Pack”, Green Glow 1/16oz “2/Pack”, Blue Glow 1/16oz “2/Pack”, Clown Glow 1/16oz “2/Pack”, Gold 1/32oz “2/Pack”, Chartreuse Glow 1/32oz “2/Pack”, Neon Red 1/32oz “2/Pack”, Parrot 1/32oz “2/Pack”, Red Glow 1/32oz “2/Pack”, Green Glow 1/32oz “2/Pack”, Blue Glow 1/32oz “2/Pack”, Clown Glow 1/32oz “2/Pack”, Black Purple Glow 1/32oz “2/Pack”