Jig Eyes


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A terrific Flutter Jigging Spoon with hammered nickel back and painted front with prism eye. (Except Gold which is gold on both sides) Comes in two sizes: 1/8 oz. and 1/16 oz.(Which is approximate because each lure is individually soldered. Each Jig Eye is armed with a glow in the dark treble hook.

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1/16oz Gold, 1/16oz Chartreuse/Orange, 1/16oz Chartreuse/Glow, 1/16oz Blue/Glow, 1/16oz Neon Yellow, 1/16oz Neon Red, 1/8oz Gold, 1/8oz Chartreuse/Orange, 1/8oz Chartreuse/Glow, 1/8oz Blue/Glow, 1/8oz Neon Yellow, 1/8oz Neon Red