Jig Flare Eclipse


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Jig-Flare Eclipse: Jigging Spoon with Green LED and VMC Treble Hook

Are you tired of having to glow your jigs during the valuable bite window?

The Jig-Flare Eclipse combines the time tested ice fishing tactic of vertical jigging with a green Stick-Flare that will glow for up to 24 hours. Turn on the high quality Stick-Flare LED and then place the LED into the black polycarbonate housing. Then, tip your favorite bait onto the VMC treble hook, drop it down the hole, and have confidence that your jig is glowing.

The Eclipse black polycarbonate housing blocks the glowing light only allowing it to come out of the cap. The soft glow from the cap is best used in clear water.

Experience the versatility of the Jig-Flare Eclipse by using the duo-lock snap in one of the three holes. This converts it into a rip-jigging bait, demanding a reaction strike.

Add dropper hooks during cold front conditions to entice slow moving fish.
The Jig-Flare Eclipse can also be used during the open water season. This makes it one of the most adaptable lures on the market.
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