JR’S Flasher Spoon


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Fish easily find this spoon in off-color water or from a distance. Same fish-catching shape as the original jigging spoon but with additional blades for flash and vibration. Per each.

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Sunfish Glow 1/8oz, Pink Glow 1/8oz, Neon Red 1/8oz, Neon Perch 1/8oz, Neon Rainbow 1/8oz, Chartreuse/Green 1/8oz, Chartreuse/Orange 1/8oz, Sunfish Glow 1/4oz, Pink Glow 1/4oz, Neon Red 1/4oz, Neon Perch 1/4oz, Neon Rainbow 1/4oz, Chartreuse/Green 1/4oz, Chartreuse/Orange 1/4oz