Leech Flutter Spoon


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The NEW Leech Flutter Spoon from Clam Pro Tackle has ultimate unique flutter that falls and
tumbles back-and-forth. The highly reflective plated color finishes flicker light. And when jigged
aggressively vertically, the Leech Flutter Spoon darts off to the side in eratic form, yet falls slowly
because of it s light-weight zinc alloy material that flutters effortlessly. This new spoon features belly
dots that catch fishes eye as it flutters. It’s perfectly balanced to swim naturally in the water like a
leech. Complete that with an attracting feathered trailer that fools’em everytime. Finally it comes with
a fast-snap clip to maximize flutter action!

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1/16’’ Gold, 1/16’’ Red Gold, 1/16’’ Perch, 1/16’’ Golden Shiner, 1/16’’ Rainbow, 1/16’’ Sour Grape, 1/8’’ Gold, 1/8’’ Red Gold, 1/8’’ Perch, 1/8’’ Golden Shiner, 1/8’’ Rainbow, 1/8’’ Sour Grape, ¼’’ Gold, ¼’’ Red Gold, ¼’’ Perch, ¼’’ Golden Shiner, ¼’’ Rainbow, ¼’’ Sour Grape