Lindy Glow Spoon


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Lindy Fishing Tackle’s revolutionary Glow Spoon gives ice anglers a new weapon for attracting fish and triggering strikes. Replaceable glow sticks to light up the plastic spoon, which radiates the light in the color of the spoon. The unique shape imparts a swimming action on the drop, while tungsten rattles call in gamefish from distance.

  • Glow sticks are replaceable and can be purchased in handy three-pack refills
  • Unique action drives predators to strike
  • Tungsten rattles attract gamefish from a distance
  • 1 per pack

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Red Scale 1/16oz, Fire Tiger 1/16oz, Pink Scale 1/16oz, Blue Scale 1/16oz, Rainbow 1/16oz, Golden Perch 1/16oz, Clown 1/16oz, Gold Scale 1/16oz, Porchlight 1/16oz, Chartreuse Scale 1/16oz, Emerald 1/16oz, Orange Tiger 1/16oz, Red Scale 1/8oz, Fire Tiger 1/8oz, Pink Scale 1/8oz, Blue Scale 1/8oz, Rainbow 1/8oz, Golden Perch 1/8oz, Clown 1/8oz, Gold Scale 1/8oz, Porchlight 1/8oz, Chartreuse Scale 1/8oz, Emerald 1/8oz, Orange Tiger 1/8oz, Red Scale 1/4oz, Fire Tiger 1/4oz, Pink Scale 1/4oz, Blue Scale 1/4oz, Rainbow 1/4oz, Golden Perch 1/4oz, Clown 1/4oz, Gold Scale 1/4oz, Porchlight 1/4oz, Chartreuse Scale 1/4oz, Emerald 1/4oz, Orange Tiger 1/4oz