Northland Doodle Bug Super Glow Jigs


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• Mimics one of panfishes’ most desired meals . . . a delicious water bug
• Features a flat bellied bug body
• Super-Glo “neon” attractor colors glow a long time and lure fish like a magnet

Designed for sunfish, crappies, perch and trout, the Doodle Bug Jig is a longtime ice fishing favorite but also catches fish in open water. Jigged aggressively, the flat-bellied, wide-angle body flashes and flutters to mimic a juicy water bug. Tip with your favorite live baits and IMPULSE® soft plastics.

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Super Glow Chartreuse 1/24oz, Super Glow Luminous 1/24oz, Super Glow Orange 1/24oz, Super Glow Red 1/24oz, Super Glow Chartreuse 1/16oz, Super Glow Luminous 1/16oz, Super Glow Orange 1/16oz, Super Glow Red 1/16oz