Northland Mayfly Softbait Packaged

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Lightweight, lead-free metal head for a tantalizing slow fall
• Gliding, bug-like look & action
• Pre-rigged with Impulse® Mayfly

The IMPULSE® Helium Mayfly’s bug-like looks and slow-falling, natural gliding action appeal to panfish including sunfish, perch and crappies. Like other members of the lead-free Helium family, it excels alone or when fished beneath a heavier dropper spoon. No tipping needed, thanks to its 1-inch IMPULSE® Mayfly body featuring quivery legs and a supple yet detailed torso.

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Sunrise 1/100oz, Glow White 1/100oz, Black 1/100oz, Emerald 1/100oz, Purple Passion 1/100oz, Pink 1/100oz, Natural 1/100oz, Blood Worm 1/100oz