ONE3 Tungsten Doug Ice Jig “2/Pack”


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13 Fishing THE DOUG Tungsten Ice Jigs give anglers the edge when it comes to targeting panfish. These premium jigs are constructed from high-density tungsten so they sink to the strike zone fast! With detailed finishes you can add your favorite live bait or plastics to add even more attraction! Another feature angler’s will quickly appreciate is the hook used which is a 2X black nickel “uppercut” hook for increased upper lip hook sets. If you are ready to get serious about panfish in the summer or winter, THE DOUG is your new go-to jig!

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Army Green 1/32oz and “2/Pack”, Chartreuse Glow 1/32oz and “2/Pack”, Fire Tiger 1/32oz and “2/Pack”, Gold 1/32oz and “2/Pack”, Matte Black 1/32oz and “2/Pack”, Pink Glow 1/32oz and “2/Pack”, Purple 1/32oz and “2/Pack”, Red Glow 1/32oz and “2/Pack”, White Glow 1/32oz and “2/Pack”, Chartreuse Glow 1/64oz and “2/Pack”, Fire Tiger 1/64oz and “2/Pack”, Pink Glow 1/64oz and “2/Pack”, Red Glow 1/64oz and “2/Pack”, White Glow 1/64oz and “2/Pack”