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PK Jigging Spoons are the most dynamic spoons put on the market in years. The weighted design gives this bait an unparalleled action that calls in fish and causes them to strike. The counterweight system gives the lures an action that other tackle companies only dream of manufacturing. Each lure features glowing eyes to help attract fish in low-light conditions. This is a must-have lure for all walleye, bass, trout, pike, Muskie and panfish fishermen.

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Pink Pearl Glow 1/8oz, Red Glow 1/8oz, Red Tiger Glow 1/8oz, Fire Tiger 1/8oz, Red Dot Glow 1/8oz, Copper Plate 1/8oz, Gold 1/8oz, Nickel Plate 1/8oz, Pink Pearl Glow 1/4oz, Red Glow 1/4oz, Red Tiger Glow 1/4oz, Fire Tiger 1/4oz, Red Dot Glow 1/4oz, Copper Plate 1/4oz, Gold 1/4oz, Nickel Plate 1/4oz