Eurotackle Prizm Stix


2" for 3/16 oz 
With an amazing look and attractive colors, this is the deadliest metal jig around. Vertical jig it around weeds, rocks and submerged structure and catch walleye, perch, trout, bluegill and crappie. New paint method for flash and lifelike reflection.  Tip it with a Mummy Worm or a Micro Finesse Soft lure and it becomes even better! 
Per each

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Fire Tiger 2" for 3/16oz, Light Blue 2" for 3/16oz, Orange 2" for 3/16oz, Pink Black 2" for 3/16oz, Mackerel 2" for 3/16oz, Green 2" for 3/16oz, White 2" for 3/16oz

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