Quiver Spoon


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Ice fishermen have a fabulous new tool for those times when the fish are a bit more neutral and slow is the way to go. Constructed from lightweight tin and engineered with a distinctive bend, Lindy’s new Quiver Spoon descends slowly through the water column with a tantalizing, flashy quiver. To maximize flash, every Quiver Spoon is chrome- or gold-plated on the back. Front colors include four proven Glow colors and Metallic Red, Perch, Chrome and Gold. All Quiver Spoons come with a strike-prompting red treble hook. The Quiver Spoon, which can be tipped with a minnow head, larvae or plastics.

  • The Quiver Spoon’s lightweight tin construction creates a slow tantalizing falling action that walleye, crappie, perch, and other game fish species alike cannot resist
  • Plated back gives off maximum flash which catches the attention of any game fish species in the area
  • Tip with minnows, larva or plastics

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Pink Glow/Gold 1/16oz, Chartreuse Glow/Gold 1/16oz, Blue Glow/Gold 1/16oz, Glow/Chrome 1/16oz, Gold 1/16oz, Perch/Gold 1/16oz, Pink Glow/Gold 1/8oz, Chartreuse Glow/Gold 1/8oz, Blue Glow/Gold 1/8oz, Glow/Chrome 1/8oz, Gold 1/8oz, Perch/Gold 1/8oz