Rattle Spoon


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VMC Rattle Spoons feature a chamber made of brass and multiple beads offering an advantage over other rattling spoons on the market. The shorter chamber that allows the angler to make sound with minimal movement while still maintaining action to the lure. VMC Rattle Spoons utilize holographic eyes and Ultra Glow pigments that last up to 15 minutes between charges.

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Glow Blue Shiner 1/16oz, Glow Chartreuse Shiner 1/16oz, Glow Gold Fish 1/16oz, Glow Green Fire UV 1/16oz, Glow Orange Fire UV 1/16oz, Glow Pink Fire UV 1/16oz, Glow Red Shiner 1/16oz, Perch 1/16oz, Glow Chartreuse Shiner 1/8oz, Glow Gold Fish 1/8oz, Glow Green Fire UV 1/8oz, Glow Orange Fire UV 1/8oz, Glow Pink Fire UV 1/8oz, Glow Red Shiner 1/8oz, Perch 1/8oz