Salmo Chubby Darter


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The Salmo Chubby Darter has become a must-have lure among ice anglers. The unique action of the this lure is primarily for vertical fishing where the bait quivers and darts as the angler pulls upward on the rod tip. Trout, perch, crappie, walleye, and pike all fall for the Chubby Darter. More and more, anglers are using Salmo Chubby Darters in open water as it can be used like any lipless crankbait, but it sinks at a much slower rate, so it can be fished above and around cover.

  • Salmo high-density space-aged foam body
  • Thru-wire construction welded at the ends
  • Black nickel VMC hooks

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Gold Yellow Perch 1 3/8”-1/16oz, Hot Perch 1 3/8”-1/16oz, Red Tail Shiner 1 3/8”-1/16oz, Silver Red Orange 1 3/8”-1/16oz, Gold Metallic Orange 1 3/8”-1/16oz, Yellow Dace 1 3/8”-1/16oz, Red Gold Perch 1 3/8”-1/16oz, Perch 1 3/8”-1/16oz, Silver Black Red 1 3/8”-1/16oz, Gold Yellow Perch 1 3/4”-3/16oz, Hot Perch 1 3/4”-3/16oz, Red Tail Shiner 1 3/4”-3/16oz, Silver Red Orange 1 3/4”-3/16oz, Gold Metallic Orange 1 3/4”-3/16oz, Yellow Dace 1 3/4”-3/16oz, Red Gold Perch 1 3/4”-3/16oz, Perch 1 3/4”-3/16oz, Silver Black Red 1 3/4”-3/16oz