Sickel Spoon 1/16oz


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The Sickel Spoon is a unique, hand soldered, jigging spoon with a bend. Equipped with a large gap sickle hook, a 360 degree glow paint or gold plating, a large prism eye, and a fish attracting bead. This spoon has great action fishing vertically through the ice or pitched in open water. Available in 6 great fish catching colors and two sizes. Perfect for walleye and panfish!

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Chartreuse/Orange/Glow 1/16oz, Chartreuse/Green/Glow 1/16oz, Chartreuse/Glow 1/16oz, Red/Glow 1/16oz, Neon Red/Glow 1/16oz, Gold 1/16oz, Chartreuse/Orange/Glow 1/8oz, Chartreuse/Green/Glow 1/8oz, Chartreuse/Glow 1/8oz, Red/Glow 1/8oz, Neon Red/Glow 1/8oz, Gold 1/8oz