Small Box Lithium Package

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Portable Power Box:

4 ​Terminal Posts

Dual 5V, 2.1A USB Ports for charging electronics, running usb lights,

Battery Meter LED Displays percentage of battery.

Cig Socket

Two 9-watt Eagle Eye LED lights

Master control switch when turned on gives power to all switches

Four independent switches that separately controls each feature

LED indicated four-way fuse block to ensure safety of equipment


12V 10ah Lithium Battery and 12V charger

Energized Outdoors Batteries are the safest, longest lasting Lithium Batteries Available.

Each battery has built in BMS giving you charging and discharging cutoff protection, increasing longevity of the battery.

12 Volt Battery Charger:

Input: 100~240V

Output: 14.4V 32.4A

Suit for Battery: 12.8 Volt  (4Cells)  3~25Ah LiFePo4 Battery

Output Protections: Short-circuit, Reverse Polarity

Safety Approval: CE UL

Alligator Clips​


Battery box

12V 10aH Energized Outdoors Lithium Battery

12V LithiumCharger