Sufix Performance Metered Tip-Up Ice Braid


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Sufix Performance Metered Tip-Up Ice Braid is metered in two high contrasting colors in five foot segments for precision depth management. This line is made with High Tenacity Polyester braid, known as HTP, which provides exceptional abrasion resistance, durability, low stretch, and diameter-to-strength ratios. The hydro fusion process ensures fast sinking speed, low memory, and exceptional cold weather handling.

  • Alternating high-contrasting colors every five feet
  • High Tenacity Polyester (HTP)
  • Durable and abrasion resistant
  • Low stretch
  • Hydro fusion process
  • Low memory

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Metered 20 LB (50 Yards) 3/Pack, Metered 30 LB (50 Yards) 3/Pack, Metered 50 LB (50 Yards) 3/Pack