Tear Drop Jig


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Nobody likes a cry baby! Introducing the VMC® Tear Drop Jig with oversized holographic eye is perfect when fished with a float• dead stick• or tip up. The unique wide profile and tear drop shape mimics fingerling sized baitfish and other aquatic food that active feeding predators seek out at all times of the year. Couple this with a wide variety of colors in UV• natural baitfish• holographic finishes• and Ultra Glow pigments lasting up to 15 minutes and no fish can resist to bite! Single Pack

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Glow Chartreuse Shiner 1/8oz, Glow Gold Fish 1/8oz, Glow Green Fire UV 1/8oz, Glow Orange Fire UV 1/8oz, Glow Pink Fire UV 1/8oz, Glow Red Shiner 1/8oz