Tingler Spoons


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You’ve asked for it, and now we’ve delivered. The VMC Tingler Spoon’s unmatched wide wobbling action exaggerates the movement of dying baitfish with its unique curved body and V-Shaped design. Large Holographic Eye, wide variety of holographic attractor and live baitfish patterns increase your odds of catching more fish! And just when you think it’s time to re-charge rest assured the VMC Ultra Glow colors lasting up to 15 minutes means more time underwater and less time out.

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Emerald Shiner 1/16oz, Glow Blue Shiner 1/16oz, Glow Chartreuse Shiner 1/16oz, Glow Gold Fish 1/16oz, Glow Green Fire UV 1/16oz, Glow or Fire UV 1/16oz, Glow Pink Fire UV 1/16oz, Glow Red Shiner 1/16oz, Gold Shiner 1/16oz, Perch 1/16oz, Emerald 1/8oz, Glow Blue Shiner 1/8oz, Glow Chartreuse Shiner 1/8oz, Glow Gold Fish 1/8oz, Glow Green Fire UV 1/8oz, Glow or Fire UV 1/8oz, Glow Pink Fire UV 1/8oz, Glow Red Shiner 1/8oz, Gold Shiner 1/8oz, Perch 1/8oz, Emerald Shiner 3/16oz, Glow Blue Shiner 3/16oz, Glow Chartreuse Shiner 3/16oz, Glow Gold Fish 3/16oz, Glow Green Fire UV 3/16oz, Glow or Fire UV 3/16oz, Glow Pink Fire UV 3/16oz, Glow Red Shiner 3/16oz, Gold Shiner 3/16oz, Perch 3/16oz