Tumbler Spoon


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VMC Tumbler Spoons have a bend that offers a slow tumbling action on the fall. A small metallic attractor blade adds additional flash and sound for those picky eaters. VMC Tumbler Spoons are designed with holographic eyes, UV finishes, and a holographic Ultra Glow that lasts up to 15 minutes before needing recharged.

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Glow Blue Shiner 1/12oz, 1/12oz Glow Chartreuse Shiner, Gold Shiner 1/12oz, Glow Gold Fish 1/12oz, Glow Green Fire UV 1/12oz, Glow Orange Fire UV 1/12oz, Glow Pink Fire UV 1/12oz, Glow Red Shiner 1/12oz, Perch 1/12oz, Glow Blue Shiner 1/8oz, Glow Gold Fish 1/8oz, Glow Green Fire UV 1/8oz, Glow Orange Fire UV 1/8oz, Glow Pink Fire UV 1/8oz, Glow Red Shiner 1/8oz, Perch 1/8oz, Gold Shiner 1/8oz