VMC Rocker Spoon


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The VMC Rocker Spoons are built with top quality materials and can handle continuous attacks from aggressive pan fish. Its attractive tapered design, 3D holographic eyes, and glow resin bead immediately grabs the attention of fish.

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Glow Blue Shiner 3/16oz, Glow Chartreuse Shiner 3/16oz, Glow Gold Fish 3/16oz, Glow Green Fire UV 3/16oz, Glow Orange Fire UV 3/16oz, Glow Pink Fire UV 3/16oz, Glow Red Shiner 3/16oz, Gold Shiner 3/16oz, Perch 3/16oz, Shiner 3/16oz, Yellow Perch 3/16oz, Glow Blue Shiner 5/16oz, Glow Chartreuse Shiner 5/16oz, Glow Gold Fish 5/16oz, Glow Green Fire UV 5/16oz, Glow Orange Fire UV 5/16oz, Glow Pink Fire UV 5/16oz, Glow Red Shiner 5/16oz, Gold Shiner 5/16oz, Perch 5/16oz, Shiner 5/16oz, Glow Orange Fire UV 5/16oz