Weasel Jigging Spoons Walleye


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One of J B Lures originals, the Weasel is a hand soldered willow shaped Verticle Jigging Spoon. Drops fast and has a darting action when jigged.  Weasels have a Hammered back and are two toned (except the gold one), they have a Squiggie decal as well as a prism eye. The Neon colors and the Glitter-Glow only have a prism eye. A must in your ice fishing arsenal.

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Orange Glow, Chartreuse/Glow, Green/Chartreuse, Green /Glow, Chartreuse/Orange, Blue/Glow, Glitter/Glow, Gold, Neon Red Neon Glow, Red/Glow Neon Glow