Eurotackle Z-Darter


Here is the Z-Darter, a very unique jigging minnow. For the first time you will be able to use a lure that produce a wide darting action even it is made without plastic wings.
Thanks to an internal weight structure this realistic minnow will move aggressively forming tantalizing circles.

Exclusively built for vertical jigging the Z-Darter 3/8oz is excellent for open water and ice fishing.
Albiglow is an is a extra glow white color with a red eye . It is a unique color and has been 100% created by Eurotackle.

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2.2" Albiglow (Glow) 3/8oz, 2.2" Blue Chrome 3/8oz, 2.2" Fire Tiger 3/8oz, 2.2" Purple Joker 3/8oz

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