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By: Blake Tollefson

Specifications: 1/8 oz / 1.6 inches

Target Species: Crappies, Walleyes, Perch, Bass

The highly anticipated big brother to the original Z-Viber has finally arrived. It’s safe to say that this lure has definitely lived up to all the hype it’s received. Coming in at one-eighth of an ounce and 1.6 inches, the size and profile of this lure was specifically developed to target larger panfish and gamefish species.

The 1/8 ounce Z-Viber was designed to be used in a number of fishing applications during the open water and hard water seasons.

Vertical jigging applications are where this lure’s abilities shine. It’s density makes it drop quick and fish fast in deep water. It’s fast fishing ability let’s the user pick off the most aggressive fish in the school. Recommendations for fishing this lure: a 16-24 inch lift or rip of the rod, followed by short jigging strokes, and the occasional pause. This technique is highly effective for suspended panfish, or jigging for walleyes during the ice fishing season. When fishing this under electronics, be sure to keep the bait above the fish and maintain movement even as the fish approaches the bait.

The internal tungsten beads create a lot of vibration when the lure is worked throughout the water column.

The Z-Viber can also be fished via cast and retrieve methods. Pitch the bait out away from the boat and let it fall on a slack line. Retrieve it with a gentle ripping motion by sweeping the rod from nine-o-clock to eleven-o-clock, paired with a pause on the drop. Fish will often grab the bait on the fall. Other methods include a simple cast and retrieve similar to fishing a crankbait or jig and plastic.

The second generation of the Z-Viber family has brought along some of the proven fish catching colors, as well as welcomed a series of new varieties sure to be productive.